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Part #: OTM-5807
Barely used. Have been in a box for a long time.
Part #: OTM-5824
Very nice tool. Tight, no signs of use. Has been cleaned up. Ready to use.
Part #: OTM-5825
Very nice condition. Light use. Cleaned up.
Part #: OTM-5828
Super nice condition.
Part #: OTM-5894
Super nice. Clean. Works smooth
Part #: OTM-6096
Very nice. Sharp. Only one looks used (.680) Sell new for $239.00 each
Part #: OTM-6126
Well made. Looks like new.
Part #: OTM-6137
Very nice tool. Has been cleaned up.
Part #: OTM-6144
Providence RI. Very well made tool. Excellent condition.
Part #: OTM-6145
Providence RI Super nice condition. Blade is removable
Part #: OTM-6153
Light use. Been in a tool box a long time. No signs of use. 1 minor rust pit on .025
Part #: OTM-6217
Used once. Still very sharp.
Part #: OTM-6265
Well made. Will not use standard 6 1/2" blade
Part #: OTM-6266
Super nice condition. Straight. Ready to use.
Part #: OTM-6267
Super nice condition.
Part #: OTM-6272
Very hard edge. Bought in 70's. Never used. Mfg unknown.
Part #: OTM-6291
Super quality tool. Good temper. 1960-70's vintage
Part #: OTM-6292
Super quality tool. Good temper. 1960-70's vintage
Part #: OTM-6293
Super quality tool. Good temper. 1960-70's vintage
Part #: OTM-6294
Super quality tool. Good temper. 1960-70's vintage
Part #: OTM-6341
All very nice tools. Ready to use. Still have original temper.
Part #: OTM-6342
6/32"-3/16" - drift 1/4" - Center punch. Both still real nice. Look great.
Part #: OTM-6344
Great tool. Good hard edge.
Part #: OTM-6349
Has been used hard but still has a lot of good years left.
Part #: OTM-6367
Old Heavy duty. Work great. No nicks on jaws. Have been cleaned up. Rust pitting on back side.
Part #: OTM-6388
Super nice tool. Ready to use. Has been cleaned up. Still tempered.
Part #: OTM-6389
Well made. Edge was dressed. No power grinder.
Part #: OTM-6390
No signs of use. Has some minor rust pitting.
Part #: OTM-6401
Super nice condition. Been lightly surface cleaned. No rust pitting.
Part #: OTM-6407
Work great. Used them on motorcycles for many years.
Part #: OTM-6418
Looks great
Part #: OTM-6438
Super nice condition. Stones are still good. Ready to use.
Part #: OTM-6442
Blind bearing puller. Super nice condition. Pat. was merged with Kent Moore in 1992.
Part #: OTM-6471
Excellent condition. Looks & works like new. In Helios Holster.
Part #: OTM-6476
Both in super nice condition. Debur tool made in Israel.
Part #: OTM-6477
Very nice condition. Very light scratches. Fits in a pocket nicely.
Part #: OTM-6478
Excellent Jaws. Never cut springs. Only cut copper wire 16 g and smaller.
Part #: OTM-6481
Super quality workmanship.
Part #: OTM-6484
Very nice steel. Good temper. Older tools, may be hand made. Good tools.
Part #: OTM-6498
Super nice condition. Flat & no chips.
Part #: OTM-6506
No mfg markings. Nice condition. Lots of life left. Good tight handle.
Part #: OTM-6507
Super nice condition. Both faces very clean. Good handle. Ready to use.
Part #: OTM-6509
Very nice old tool. Works great. Clean jaws. Has a locking mechanism. Has been cleaned up.
Part #: OTM-6528
Good condition. Early version. No longer available.
Part #: OTM-6549
No mfg information. Nice condition. Yellow handle.
Part #: OTM-6570
Look and cut good. Have been cleaned up.
Part #: OTM-6575
Very unusual. Heavy Duty. Quick set shaft. Early style.
Part #: OTM-6593
Excellent condition. Ready to use
Part #: OTM-6594
Super nice condition. Have been cleaned & sharpened properly.
Part #: OTM-6602
No Mfg Marks. Looks good.
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